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FMRP Supply Chain Workbench is a collection of tools to provide lean just-in-time delivery solutions on demand. Profitability throughout a supply chain occurs with the collaboration of data amongst the individual members. Based on data models and business processes that have been refined over a period of two decades, the web based modules are specifically developed to increase the speed of communication and coordination within your supply chain to impact your bottom line.

Plan for Every part

The Plan for Every Part (PFEP) module of the FMRP Supply Chain Workbench is a lean collaboration tool to improve the speed and visibility of the supply chain.  The core business process called Communicate Product and Process is at the heart of supply chain planning. Engineers, planners, production operations, logistics and suppliers are provided with the necessary information required to supply parts needed to build a product. Learn more>>

Production Line Broadcasting

Flexibility to build what your customers want, when they want it is key to a profitable manufacturing business. Designed specifically to support the best of breed core business processes for mass customization, the Broadcast module of the FMRP Supply Chain Workbench communicates required information to internal and external suppliers while answering the following questions:

  • What assemblies or components are required for each production unit?
  • What other information is required to properly assemble the production unit?
  • In what sequence are the parts required?
  • To which linefeed location should the parts be delivered?

Learn more>>

Warehouse Sequencing

Synchronize the picking and packing of parts from your warehouse to the production line in the sequence orders are being built. The FMRP Warehouse Sequencing solution works seamlessly with the FMRP Broadcast system used by companies that mass customize products. The FMRP Warehouse Sequencing solution can also run alone by receiving broadcast signals from other systems. Learn more>>

FastMRP Hourly MRP

Targeted for those companies practicing the type of manufacturing referred to as mass customization, FastMRP Hourly MRP is a solution that has been implemented at a leading automotive manufacturer. Learn more>>.

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